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PFMS of Georgia Inc. Services
PFMSGA services include negotiations with radio and television on behalf of clients as agency of record. Using Arbitron rating and other research tools, PFMSGA can perform analysis of each stations performance with a comparison of rate increase requests. PFMSGA currently handles contracts and renewal with industry leaders such as Daystar TV Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Salem Communications, Bott Radio Network, CSN, Family Net, INSP and other leading networks. In addition, PFMSGA, will negotiate with smaller networks as well as individual commercial and non-commercial stations and operators to obtain the best ROI for its clients.
We provide a variety of services including:
PFMSGA accounting services include review of all contracts, review of all statements and invoices, preparation of all accounts payable airtime and production expenses and the preparation of monthly financial reports customized for each client’s individual accounting needs. All errors or questions regarding airtime affidavits and invoices will be handled promptly by PFMSGA personnel.
PFMSGA can prepare a monthly, quarterly or annual station performance reports for its clients. The report will include a return on investment utilizing the clients revenue database as well as other reports dealing with new name acquisition and other specified indicators such CUME Persons, CUME Rating and average quarter hour ratings (AQH) information for each station. Our firm’s personnel are all trained on Arbriton’s Media
Performance software which provides vital information on over 13,000 radio stations nationwide.

When new airtime opportunities arise, whether at commercial or non-commercial stations, PFMSGA will endeavor to position its clients in to the most optimal day parts. PFMSGA will handle all research and negotiations with new stations and then prepare a detailed proposal with a recommendation as to acceptance, rejections or counter-offers.


Although a client can not entirely extract itself from station relationships, PFMSGA provides a bridge between the programmer and the station owners or management. PFMSGA can handle requests for 
promotional materials and audio promo pieces. PFMSGA can represent its clients at various broadcasting functions such as the National Religious Broadcaster’s regional and national conventions.


PFMSGA can handle the task of daily problem solving involving issues of technology, satellite feed and other technical problems. PFMSGA personnel can manage the relationship with satellite providers as well as handle all incoming phone calls, emails and questions from the client’s network of stations. PFMSGA will strive to provide our clients with the most advanced technology in radio and television products in order to enhance the client’s airtime product in the most effective manner possible.


The radio industry, in particular the Christian Radio industry, is in a progressive state of change. New formats are forcing stations to adjust to a rapidly changing market. According to Arbitron, radio listening is currently facing a downward trend in overall listeners. In addition, commercial and non-commercial formats are becoming more polarized. PFMSGA’s personnel are constantly tracking these issues and trends and looking for alternative opportunities. Recently, PFMSGA has been involved with successful negotiations with both Sirius® and XM® satellite radio networks. PFMSGA will advise its clients on all new opportunities and campaigns that might stimulate real growth and greater response from listeners.
PFMSGA will consult with clients on strategic partnerships which may enhance the client’s products. As new technology and products such as podcasting and internet streaming are introduced, PFMSGA will bring the team together to make the strategy a success for the client.